It’s no secret that HVAC units don’t last forever, and while you do what you can to try and maintain your system, things happen.  Many HVAC systems are built to last 10 years or more, that is of course if it’s properly maintained with regular maintenance. Unfortunately, no matter how well you try and maintain your system, repairs may still be warranted. There are a handful of things you can do to maintain your system such as changing filters, and cleaning up excess dust, but when it comes to repairs it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Heating and cooling systems can be complicated, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, dangerous. That’s why T. Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning is Concord’s top choice for HVAC repair services. 

There are many telltale signs that your heating and air conditioning system may need repairs, but there are others that may not be as obvious. Obvious signs include your system not working at all, unusual noises or smells, or uneven heating and cooling. The not so obvious, higher energy bills. Below we take a look at some of the signs your system may be in need of repairs.

The number one most obvious sign your heating and air conditioning system is in need of repair is simply, it’s not working. If you’ve tried everything you can think of and can’t find comfort in your home, you may find yourself in need of a repair. But don’t worry, it may be something simple. A short in the  electrical system or a clogged line can quickly lead to your system not working properly. A quick inspection by a trained professional will be able to assess and pinpoint the problem. 

Another clear sign you may need to have a service technician check out your HVAC system is if your thermostat begins to malfunction. Thermostat issues may just be due to faulty wiring, or it could be something more involved. The experienced technicians at T. Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning are able to do a system evaluation and locate the issue in order to make the necessary repairs.  

Strange smells or noises coming from your heating and cooling system can be another obvious sign your system is in need of repair. When running properly HVAC systems should be relatively quiet and not produce any odor. Musty odors or grinding sounds coming from your system indicates an inspection should be performed. Unusual or unpleasant smells can indicate mold or mildew build up in the vents; this can become a health hazard to everyone in your home if it isn’t addressed. While unusual sounds from your unit may not become a health issue, it isn’t normal and should be checked out. Even if your system is running just fine, noticeable noise coming from your HVAC system could be a sign your system needs cleaning or a component is failing. A knowledgeable service technician should be able to diagnose and fix both issues. 

Air conditioning blowing hot air? You may need a repair! Systems running at anything less than peak efficiency have to work harder to function properly. As a result, the air flowing through your system could hold onto moisture resulting in hot or humid air coming from your air conditioning unit. 

Another telltale sign your HVAC system is in need of repairs is if your home isn’t heating up or cooling down properly. If your system is running at peak efficiency you should not notice hot and cold spots throughout your home. Uneven heating and cooling of your home may seem like a serious issue, and it can be; but more likely than not you may have a clogged line or duct. Simple maintenance services could correct this issue and if not, you may need to repair a component of your HVAC system. 

The last, maybe not so obvious sign that your home’s heating and air conditioning system may need a repair is higher energy bills. That’s right, higher energy bills could be a sign your HVAC system isn’t running properly. When there are faulty components or dust build up within the internal workings of your HVAC system, it forces the system to run harder than usual, resulting in higher energy consumption. 

When homeowners begin to encounter problems with their home’s heating and cooling system the first thing they may do is panic. While the feeling is completely understandable, it’s best to have your system inspected before jumping to any conclusions. Without the proper training and experience it can be hard to know whether your system is in need of a simple repair or a more costly replacement. The service technicians at T. Byrd in Concord, NC have the knowledge and experience to help homeowners make the best choice for their systems and their wallets. If you believe your home’s HVAC system is in need of a repair schedule an inspection with T. Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning today. 

T. Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning is Concord, North Carolina’s leader in HVAC repair. With over 25 years of experience, the team at T. Byrd is not only qualified to diagnose and repair your HVAC system, they also have the knowledge to offer suggestions and affordable options for the services you need. Thorough inspections allow our licensed technicians to find any and all problems, and our extensive expertise allows us to find solutions to get your system back up and running.

Locally owned and operated, T. Byrd Heating and Air services both residential and commercial properties, offering customer service that goes above and beyond the industry standard. With 24 hour emergency service, the service technicians are there when you need them, anytime, day or night. As NATE-certified technicians, T. Byrds service professionals are trained to improve your residential or commercial HVAC system. The team at T. Byrd is committed to providing year round comfort to each and every one of their customers. 

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