Why HVAC Maintenance is Important

These days everyone is doing whatever they can to save some extra money. Whether that be cutting back on non-essentials or taking the time to research and compare prices, we’re all trying to save some cash. But what if I told you that a small investment in your home’s heating and air conditioning unit could end up saving you hundreds of dollars over its lifetime? Would you believe me? 

Well, it’s true! Maintaining your home’s HVAC unit not only saves you money, it also increases the safety and comfort of your home for you and your family. Don’t you want your loved ones breathing in fresh air all while saving money?

Saving money while being safe and comfortable is the simple version of why HVAC maintenance is important, but there’s more to it than that. Want to know more? Continue reading to find out!


Here’s the deal; regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system can help you save money in so many ways. Reduced energy bills is the first thing that comes to mind. When your HVAC system isn’t running properly, you might as well be throwing your money out the window. Hard to believe? Here’s the truth: leaks, uneven heating and cooling, as well as dust buildup all force your system to work harder than it needs to. The result: your hard earned money getting put towards higher electricity bills instead of that vacation you’ve been planning. The U.S. Department of Energy has found that preventative maintenance can help cut energy costs up to 30%. Over time, that’s a massive savings! When your HVAC system is running at peak efficiency, you don’t have to worry about it costing you in the form of a heavy electric bill. 

Depending on your system and its age, it’s very likely it’s still covered under warranty. Great, right? Before you celebrate I must tell you, there’s a catch. Some manufacturers want customers to submit proof of regular maintenance alongside any repair claim. While some repairs are inexpensive, there are many components of your home’s HVAC system that could cost hundreds of dollars. If your system is no longer covered under warranty due to lack of maintenance, that money is coming out of your pocket. Keeping your system in check with regular maintenance ensures your system’s warranty stays intact all while saving you money on potential costly repairs. 

Another way regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system saves you money is by extending the life of your system. Think of your HVAC system like your car. You can’t just drive and drive without getting an oil change once in a while; it’s the same concept. Overall system maintenance helps maintain the lifespan in two ways. First, regular maintenance can help detect small problems that could quickly develop into larger ones. For example, you may not think a small leak is a big deal, but in addition to costing your money, it can also be the beginning of a system breakdown. The second way regular maintenance can extend the life of your HVAC system is through system cleanings. Buildup, blocks, and clogs are inevitable; but when you keep up with regular maintenance you’re saving yourself and your system from some serious repairs.


Many may not realize, but regular system maintenance on your home’s HVAC system can actually lead to a safer home for you and your family. Who doesn’t want that? Let’s take a look at two ways HVAC maintenance keeps your home safe. 

Carbon monoxide; a colorless, odorless gas that can have life threatening repercussions. The Center for Disease Control warns that exposure to even small amounts of carbon monoxide can lead to serious health problems. How scary! Your home can fall victim to carbon monoxide leaks if your system’s heat exchanger is cracked or has failed. Not only will preventative maintenance check for these types of leaks, it also includes carbon monoxide tests to detect any exposure of the harmful gas.

It may not seem relevant, but regular HVAC maintenance can help protect your home against water damage and even mold! But how is this possible? Ever hear of cold snaps causing pipes to freeze and ultimately burst? Well, it’s possible those mishaps could’ve been prevented. Regular maintenance can help to ensure your heating system keeps running, even when you’re away. If a system isn’t running properly, and heat isn’t circulating, it can cause pipes to freeze. Once frozen pipes begin to thaw they can bust, leaving you with water damage and potential mold issues. No one has time for that. 


There’s nothing worse than coming home after a long day and your heating and cooling system isn’t working properly. Not only that, but constant hot and cold spots throughout your home can leave you frustrated and uncomfortable. You may think that one room is just “always hot,” but the truth of the matter is, it may be your HVAC system. Regular system maintenance, such as duct cleaning, allows your system to produce and distribute air evenly throughout your home, keeping you comfortable year round. In addition to comfort, HVAC maintenance can prevent unusual noises and unpleasant smells from your system that can disrupt your life. 

Well, there you have it! If saving money while increasing the safety and comfort of your home doesn’t make you want to invest in regular system maintenance, I don’t know what will. If it was up to me, I would do whatever it takes to keep money in my pocket, stay safe in my home, and expect comfort year round. 

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